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Country: Thailand
City: Pattaya
Duration: 6 Hour(s) - 0 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Half Day Tour

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Open daily from 09.00 - 21.00hrs.

Art in paradise as three-dimensional art museum in the city of Pattaya in Thailand. Visitors can experience art. Closely. Photography and painting are the paintings and unusual art 3D pictures come out the same time. Through the virtual reality is that we will have an idea to put yourself in the picture also. In the example, but it poses to them. Side of each piece of art as a way for visitors to see if it poses any kind. Hope is a major tourist destination of Pattaya. The museum has commissioned three paintings Espanyol Korean Jae Shin is the director of the museum. A major attraction. New Pattaya and Thailand. Open to art lovers. The general public. Students to come and see the beauty and share videos. Virtual three-dimensional art and exotic. The audience becomes part of the artwork. Or integrated into the picture as a. The one with these works of art.


Ideas to create 3-D art museum Art in paradise like New York, said the exhibition of art. From past to present, usually suffer. That it is difficult to make a general audience. To understand and interact with art for art´s audience, it is only in art only. Not everyone will enjoy the variety of the arts. Thus resulting in the creation of a museum of fun. Works of art on display in the museum, in addition to making art everyone can understand it easily. To enjoy the arts and to entertain the whole family. Close family friend. I concur my friend and lover, as well as foreign tourists who come to Thailand with each other. Viewers are available. Contact with visitors and artistic touch. Moreover Viewers can also create and imagine the motion. To shoot with. Art is liberated and unique eccentricities. Above all else. All images taken in the Museum of Art in Paradise is a very impressive already. There is another beautiful memories ".


Museum of Painting 3-D Art in paradise with an area of over 5,800 square meters exhibition is divided into 10 rooms, all rooms include painting the first room of the Mirage hotel ocean wildlife. Artist painting a global civilization, art room is surreal. Dinosaur Room Dining room bathrooms. Art Gallery.


Child Policy
Child whose height is under 100 cm. is free.
Child means a child whose height is 100 cm. are charge adult price.


Admission Ticket only Art in paradise Pattaya.


Transfer, Other services not mentioned in this program.

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