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Country: Thailand
City: Bangkok
Duration: 4 Hour(s) - 30 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Half Day Tour

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Nonverbal Performance in 1997 at the Edinburg Fringe Festival NANTA received its first award for best performance. This now world famous nonverbal performance 8,100,000 people the largest audiences in Korean history. Since its first debut NANTA finaly made an appearance on New York\\\'s Broadway. This opportunity opened up new doors for Korean culture and performances.

Now about 7,000,000 people around the world are enjoying NANTA\\\'s spectacular performances. NANTA also received an award for Best Urban program in 2009 and is also being highly recommended by tourist and locals alike.

\\\"This is a must see performance\\\" As 750,000 foreign visitoes per year come to Korea to enjoy NANTA and Korean culture.




NANTA is a completely nonverbal and universal performance. Since it is purely presented through music and motions, there is no language barrier. Therefore, NANTA can be enjoyed by people from all around the world!


Traditional Korean Beat
NANTA combines rhythms from Korean folk music with modern music to create an experience very unique but also familiar to the international audience. As an ameliorated mixture betweek Korean traditional rhythm and modern audio system, NANTA became a super-rookie in the world culture market.


Many nonverbal performances are dull due to repeat of only rhythms and beats and lack of excitement in suspension. NANTA overcomes this drawback by combining a storyline with various comic scenes set in a kitchen. By adhering to its storyline, NANTA manager to be well organized without using any verbal scripts.


Audience Participation
To doublr the fun, all of the audience can participate in the show. Spectators can be the bride and groom in a traditional Korean wedding ceremony, compete in pilling up dumplings, and interact with the performers. You can play the rhythm on the stage and make the other audience more excited. You become a part of the show! This is a unique but charming point, which only belongs to NANTA.


NANTA Theaters
Running 4 NANTA Theatres (Myeong Dong NANTA Theatre, Gangbuk Jeong Dong NANTA Theatre, Gangnam NANTA Theatre, and Jeju NANTA Theatre) for the first in Korea, NANTA firmly took its position as an absolute essential attraction for tourists from abroad. It also established NANTA Theatre in Broadway, for the visitors from all over the world to watch the show.a

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