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Country: Thailand
City: Bangkok
Duration: 5 Hour(s) - 0 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Half Day Tour

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At the land of Himmapan, deep down in the Anodard pond which is its greatest pond, has clandestinely laid an important valuable object since a very long time ago... The Precious Stone called “Manee Rattana” is a sacred stone laid onto “Manosila Marble” of which the power renders protection for Himmapan from all the demons.


Himmaparn Avatar is the tale about an adventure of God and animals of Himmaparn, a magical land beautiful beyond any imagination that lies in between Heaven and Earth. But the beauty was destroyed by the by Asura, God of Darkness who invaded Himmaparn. For hundred of years upon Asura’s rule, Himmaparn turn into an eerie place where all creatures live in fear and wait for the day that the prophecy would be fulfilled and they could be free.


Before the God of the Sun and the God of the Moon align And the Gem of Blessing arises, The Kinnaree would fly across the sky, The Fruit Maidens would come out of their shells, And The Lotus Angel would dance to the magic spells.


The day that the Gem of Blessing, the mythical gem with a great power, would rise above the Anodard Pond and whoever take hold of the stone could defeat Asura. Before the time came Angel Bird has invited the Monkey Bird to join her in this mission of bringing the Gem of Blessing to the heart of Himmaparn in order to restore Himmaparn to its original condition.


Angel Birds and Monkey Birds have to fight against Asura’s followers, Fire Lady and the Devil Bird, for the possession of the Gem of Blessing. By uniting thier power and with the help of the Great Naga, they won the battle and brought back peace to Himmaparn once again.

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