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Country: Thailand
City: Bangkok
Duration: 1 Hour(s) - 15 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Night Tour

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The extraordinary story of Boonting or Ting Pradu-Prew. Boonting takes on a quest for the missing head of scared Ong Bak statue, which is decapitated and stolen from Nong Pradu village by a betrayer named Can. To save villagers from despair, Boonting volunteers to bring the head of the Buddha statue back to the village. He travels to Bangkok to track down Can. During his quest, Boonting meets up with the magician siblings, named Mum and Muay, in Kao San Road. Boonting helps the two siblings out from the troubles with some street gangsters. In return, Mum and Muay help Boonting to search for the missing Ong Bak’s head. Through the quest, Boonting comes across challenges and obstacles. He faces tough fighters such as Luca, Carlos, Mad Dog, and the most brutal fighter, Saming, who is a kingpin’s right-hand man. Boonting uses his superior skills in the ancient martial arts to fight and bring back the Ong Bak’s missing head.

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