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The trip exceeded my expectations. It was fantastic. I loved the places we visited and really want to go back in a year or two. Everything was great. I very well might consider joining. - Nada T

Good Job

"I wanted to thank you for the morning you spent with me and my mom. We thoroughly enjoyed your company and felt grateful to be directed toward stalls that carried items that we were looking for. We will certainly be in touch on our next adventure."- Jenny K.

Wonderful Job

This was a wonderful trip. Our guide was terrific…full of knowledge and our driver was great. I also want to thank you for the lunch we shared. I had a terrific time…Will keep checking your website for trips. - Phyllis S


More than any dream could have imagined. Everything was flawless up to that. We could not have been more excited by any other tour, guide, or plan. For all of this we thank you and have been singing your praises. - Joy N